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Audition dates/times
“We welcome prospective members to visit a regular weekly rehearsal on the second Wednesday of each month. If we know you’re coming, a co-director will be happy to greet you ahead of rehearsal, and answer any questions before the 7 p.m. start."
Audition venue Sierra Blvd., Sacramento (near Fulton Ave.)
Audition contact or 916/596-9415
Voice part openings “All, but in women’s voice ranges to create a seamless, lullaby-like blend at bedsides."
Experience or other requirements “We have never required auditions of new singers, and yet our work requires a certain level and style of vocal skill. Skills required for joining may vary from chapter to chapter, but these are our general guidelines for someone who wants to join with the intent of singing at bedsides. We ask that you:

(1) be able to carry a tune,
(2) be able to hold your own part (or sincerely want to learn to) while others sing harmony,
(3) be able to sing softly and blend your voice with others (or sincerely want to learn),
(4) be able to communicate kindness with your voice, and
(5) be willing to use self-monitoring and accept peer feedback as we work together to bring the sweetest, most blended, and graceful sound to our precious clients."

“Please feel free to contact us even if these singing guidelines seem a little beyond your current abilities or you're not really sure. Some chapters offer other opportunities to members who do not intend to sing at bedsides, such as singing in a larger group at hospitals or memorial services; some even have non-singing members who find other ways to participate in our work."

Audition procedure (See above)
Day(s)/time(s) of rehearsals Wednesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
Place of rehearsals Sierra Blvd., Sacramento (near Fulton Ave.)
Dates/venues of upcoming performances “We sing at bedsides in homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and hospices.”
Other commitments "As singers are ready and able, they are encouraged to devote some time to singing at bedsides, as well as practicing with the larger circle of singers at regular rehearsals."
Website (national organization) and (chapter page)
Profile "Threshold Choir is a network of a cappella choirs of primarily women's voices, a community whose mission is to sing for and with those at the thresholds of life.

"Our goal is to bring ease and comfort to those at the thresholds of living and dying. A calm and focused presence at the bedside, with gentle voices, simple songs, and sincere kindness, can be soothing and reassuring to clients, family, and caregivers alike.

"When we are invited to a bedside, we visit in groups of two to four singers. We invite families and caregivers to join us in song or to participate by listening. We choose songs to respond to the client's musical taste, spiritual direction, and current receptivity. Many of the songs we offer are composed by Threshold Choir members specifically to communicate ease, comfort, and presence. Because our songs are not religiously oriented, our singing is appropriate for those who are deeply spiritual, whether religious or not.

"A session typically lasts about 20 minutes; if there appears to be benefit, we might sing longer. Using soft, lullaby voices, we blend in harmony or sometimes in unison, if that provides the most comfort. We offer our singing as gentle blessings, not as entertainment, and we are honored when a client falls asleep as we are singing. Most of our songs are very short, so their repetition is conducive to rest and comfort

"Each Threshold Choir chapter is firmly rooted in its local community while also being an important part of our shared community as a national organization. We sing from the same repertoire and share our experiences at regional and national gatherings. Choir members know they are welcome at chapters and gatherings outside their area and often make plans to visit when traveling. We also stay in touch by email, blog, and newsletter and through this website. Most important, of course, we share a culture of compassion and respect for individuals at the threshold.

"As of 2017, there are about 150 chapters worldwide, with people doing this work as volunteers, singing to folks who are facing death, grief, or suffering."

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